Im in the industry..


Hye everyone…

Its me again!and i will remain the same…….dun wori^_^

Now, i am in the industry so called broadcasting field…Already 4 days im here, at this table. Bernama allocate me at Portal&E-commerce department…meaning, my job here is to be an internet journalist, doing uploading news at the Bernama official website,…this is also shows that internet also the other medium of electronic media~!kinda interesting….and….for what ive said before, im willing to learn new things….hehe

These 4 days is everything ok in the office….i feel comfortable to be in this department. I enjoyed myself surfing the internet, reading news and try to translating it…search information and not forgetting to study the whole content of

And for today, i juz came back from Bangi, a MoU ceremony….My job is naturally the same as usual like what journalist need to do. I appreciate what i have learnt today..and actually, now im practising on writing news, tapi macam tak properje (al-maklumlah lama giler tak menulis….)….huhuhu…And u know what, thats why the eldest said, reading id MulTI sUPer DuPEr important to be good at writing…..HA~!

Ok then, i need to read a lot…Love you all!


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